We are all on a continuum of forward movement towards our innate wholeness


Therapy & counseling - when it works well - helps us to manifest a more engaged and meaningful life where our unique contributions and gifts become accessible to ourselves and to the people and communities we care about.  There are many ways to reach this goal using a range of traditional and innovative approaches...



Experienced with adults and children, I combine strong clinical skills with innovative approaches and techniques tailored to meet your unique concerns and needs.  I bring warmth, deep compassion, humor, depth, expertise, and a wide range of tools to accelerate meaningful and sustainable change. 

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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is an intimate one-on-one conversation to discover and support your soulful and spiritual aspirations. It differs from therapy in that you are encouraged to seek guidance from your Higher Self or inner divine wisdom.

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Experiential Modalities

In addition to verbal psychotherapy, I offer a range of “out of the box" tools that enhance all aspects of psycho-therapeutic work. These innovative & integrative modalities are carefully selected to complement and support therapy and/or spiritual counseling.  

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What I have come to believe

In my years of practice and in doing my own deep work, I have come to believe in and incorporate certain core principles into my work. Here is an excerpt from a chapter I contributed to the book Deep Play.

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Therese has been one of my greatest supporters and champions on my journey back to discovering my innate wholeness. Her kind and loving presence as well as invaluable guidance and expressive arts modalities have helped me through even the darkest and lightest of times. Without her I would not be the woman I am today, nor would I have the levels of fulfillment, joy, deep love and presence that I experience daily. She has been one of the most tremendous gifts of my life and I highly recommend her!
— L.D.

Therese’s great skill lies in her deep wisdom, compassionate heart, and skillful guidance. Her interactive approach combines deep and intuitive listening with warmth and engagement.

— E.L.

If you are planning to work with Therese Bimka as a client or student, you will not find an ordinary psychotherapist tucked away on a couch on the third floor of a professional building. You will instead find an exceptional, multi-talented person ready to energize your life with brand new out-of-the-box ways of looking at things. Her sharp intellect, skill, engagement, and extensive experience allow you to experience your own counseling as a private “life classroom,” where you are invited to delve deeply into your own thinking and given many brand new tools, experiences, and thought-provoking questions to dive deep within. But most of all, you will find someone with a truly Kind Heart. You will find someone who has had abundant, poignant, and powerful life experiences, which have enriched her soul with a great compassion and appreciation for the suffering and brilliance of others.
— Judith Schaffman, Ph.D, counselor and Dreamworker