Interactive       Compassionate     Skillful 

With offices in Park Slope, Brooklyn and the Lower Hudson Valley.    

“Therese is a very gifted therapist. Her trainings have been extensive and when she speaks about her work, it is always with deep knowledge and an understanding of the field that shows great insight, wisdom and passion. I love working with her collaboratively and would not hesitate to refer clients to her. I know they are in excellent hands”
— Suse Volk, Licensed Mental Health Counelor


  • Jungian Sandplay Therapy
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
  • Expressive Arts
  • Body/Mind Integration
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Gestalt Therapy

For a more detailed explanation of these options, visit Experiential Modalities

Therese has been a dependable guiding light from our first session when I was broken with grief and alone in a new community. Whether helping to interpret dreams or problem solve a specific situation, she is fully present. She helped guide my family and me in the spring of 2014 when I had a surprise manic episode. An essential part of my healing and recovery, Therese has always held the episode in its most hopeful light while at the same time helping me ground anew in my self, my relationships, and my activities. I can rely on her warmth, her loving acceptance, and her wide palette of approaches that never fail to move me beyond words into pathways for deeper integration.
— C.G

My Philosophy
In my practice, I combine the "wisdom" from various traditions with solid clinical training, creating a dynamic and interactive model of therapy that is highly individualized.  

There are universal human experiences, yet we are also unique both in how we experience the world and in what we need to advance our growth and healing. One of my jobs as a therapist is to find what works for you  to discover how we can access your authentic nature and gently coax it into alive expression.

I do not follow a pathology model. I believe we are all on a continuum of forward movement towards wholeness. This continuum holds both the healthy aspects of self and the places where we might be stuck or wounded. Viewing therapy in this way helps to create a safe and respectful place where a genuine caring rapport can serve to hold and advance the work. 


  • Adoption & Fertility
  • Anxiety
  • Artist's Issues & Creativity Blocks
  • Attachment
  • Parenting 
  • Body-Mind-Spirit Integration
  • Depression
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Finding Purpose and Passion
  • Life Transitions
  • Mindfulness
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual Orientation 
  • Spirituality
  • Stress Reduction
  • Trauma & Incest Recovery
  • Young Adults
In my work with Therese, I have experienced substantive change. But her greatest gift is her ability to listen deeply and intuitively, with profound non-judgment.
— R. J.