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Dear Therese - Thank YOU so much for introducing me to this fabulous and rich creative tool! I am smitten and already in love with my cards.
— SoulCollage workshop participant

Listen to the Whispers of Your Soul

Developed by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® involves the use of collaged imagery on 5 x 8 cards to create a "deck" that captures a glimpse of the Divine spark that lives within all of us.

SoulCollage® is a beautiful creativity tool for accessing your deep and authentic inner wisdom. In SoulCollage® you get to uncover core identities and archetypal energies (dormant or active) while engaging with inner-directed purpose and guidance. In SoulCollage® you have the opportunity to unlock emotional obstacles that keep you stuck as well as receive accurate guidance for how to step into the most authentic expression of your vital core self.

SoulCollage® is a fun and inspiring way to get to know yourself more deeply, with great ease and accuracy. It easily taps into and helps us attune to the inner life that is seeking to be known and express itself.

Thank YOU for your powerful work and sharing this intriguing and juicy modality with us :) It was a fantastic day.
— W. K.

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