Spiritual Counseling differs from therapy in that you are encouraged to seek guidance from your Higher Self or inner divine wisdom.

In Spiritual Counseling, the focus is on clarifying, grappling with, deepening and strengthening your connection to Spirit in whatever form the divine speaks to you.  

Therese works intuitively from a deep well of imagining life anew, flowing with the stream of awakening. I find her deeply warm, compassionate, and wise, and her ability to connect and tune into others’ needs with a listening heart, providing insights, is a wonderful example of Spiritual Counseling.
— student in The Spiritual Counseling Training Program at One Spirit

Spiritual Counseling offers:

  • Loving support for creating a heart-centered life steeped in presence and wisdom
  • Guidance in distinguishing the voice of ego from the voice of Spirit
  • The opportunity to cultivate the Witness Self to lessen reactivity and increase genuine choice and freedom
  • Tools to detach from self-limiting stories and conditioned patterns, allowing one to more consistently experience a life led by Spirit
  • Companionship on the spiritual journey, and a safe place to explore your relationship with your own Higher Self.
  • The cultivation of wisdom, compassion, inner peace and equanimity
Therese is a person of extraordinary intelligence, integrity, dedication, wisdom and warmth. Her studies, knowledge, and experience are rooted in diverse traditions and modalities. She seems to be propelled by an enthusiasm for helping to create balance, peace and understanding within people and in the world. Therese provides a wide array of psychological, experiential and creative experiences that assist people in understanding themselves and discovering their own inner wisdom.

At One Spirit, Therese has created a unique and richly layered model for successfully training Spiritual Counselors that could ignite the whole field of counseling.

Therese Bimka is a person you would want to know, collaborate with and consult with as a colleague, clinician, or teacher.
— Donna Nisha Cohen, M.S, NCYT, Spiritual Counselor
Therese is equally effective with children and adults, offering a unique blend of spiritually-based psychotherapy. She is my first choice for client referrals.
— Rob Sanducci, Ph.D., CoFounder of Mindbody Centre, Kingston, New York