This Year ....INDIA !!!


Goddess Temples, Caves, Ancient Meditation Huts, White Water Rafting, Spiritual Practice on the Ganges, Ayurveda, The Diwali Light Ceremony and more....

India is a country of avid color, astounding diversity, and profound spiritual depth. Visit some of the most revered sties in Northern India from the Taj Mahal to river rafting , from ancient Haridwar - one of the oldest living cities in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Contact me for more information and a day by day itinerary.

Testimonials from the 2018 Participants

”With deep gratitude for the love, care, and creative energy involved in putting this wonderful tour/program together. I love the way it was so deeply enriching, expansive, organic, full, and fluid. In fact, if offered again, I would seriously consider joining the tour again. My sense is that Malta is one of those places that calls you back.”
Feel the ancient call....

Feel the ancient call....

Goddess figure from the dream incubation chambers

Goddess figure from the dream incubation chambers

Enter and be transformed.....

Enter and be transformed.....





I really admired how fluid, supportive and spacious you both were in holding this group! I am so glad to have come on this journey, for so many reasons. I feel activated, vital, deeply grounded and moved in ways I did not expect and still cannot fully language. Thank you again for your wisdom, humor, and generosity. It was an adventure of a lifetime!

The 7,000 year old goddess temples of Malta are the oldest and most well preserved goddess temples on the planet. Simply stunning, magical and reverent - the temples are aligned with the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox.  We will be there at the crack of dawn to welcome the light as it penetrates the inner chambers.

jOIN SALLY AND THERESE FOR                                         AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME

We will be blending embodiment, devotional and expressive art practices as we connect to the ancient energies of the temples and the land.  Expect playfulness and depth.

Along with the many temples are fabulous medieval cities, museums, churches as well as magnificent hikes.  We are partnering with Learning Journeys for this trip and they have a long standing relationship with Malta so all the logistics will be smooth sailing and easeful, including the lovely lodging and excellent food!

The dates will be release soon. Please contact me to get on the waitlist for next year!

Therese's cell  347 410 0952 or email me at

The trip to Malta with Sally and Therese was a dream that I didn’t know I had come true. They held sacred space for 15 women to bond, share experiences, and love each other. Malta, itself, had something to do with that. The sacred sites provided a rich context in which to experience holiness. Sally and Therese kept us moving forward, while at the same time providing opportunities for hands-on artistic engagement which helped deepen the experiences. They were sensitive to the needs of the group, and made modifications to the schedule so that these needs were addressed. As I said earlier, their special gift was to hold sacred space, and to share their love. I would gratefully travel with them, again.
I feel very blessed to have been on this trip with both of you, Sally and Therese. It was obvious that you put a great deal of time, energy, thoughtfulness, heart and love into planning this great adventure. I greatly enjoyed meeting the other Goddesses on the trip and I know I will remain in touch with many of them. Rose - THE GODDESS EXPERT was absolutely the BOMB!
Looking for an out-of-the ordinary experience? Hoping to have your horizons broadened, your spiritual practices deepened, your senses delighted, your needs anticipated and fulfilled? If so, traveling with Sally and Therese is just what you are looking for. My trip to Malta with them exceeded all of my expectations. From visiting Goddess Temples, to Churches, to the ancient salt pans in Gozo, to horse farms offering equine healings, to swimming in infinity pools and the Mediterranean, each experience and activity nurtured my soul and provided the experiences for which I travel. I know that wherever Sally and Therese plan to take you, it will be a trip of a lifetime.

This journey provides an ideal opportunity to get in touch with the ancient feminine energy that blesses Mother Earth.

A chance to spend time with women who celebrate the Divine Feminine and who seek connecting with powerful feminine energy in a land with a long and rich Goddess history.
Many many thanks for a marvelous experience. I am very glad that I participated. Getting acquainted with both of you and also the other participants was a wonderful gift for the equinox and for the fall.